" For what am I: An unyielding, unrelenting child of dust? Lay me down among the rocks and roots: 

Take me from this zoetic realm."

Haunting Soon

Hiraeth: the inconsolable longing or yearning for a far, familiar non-earthly land one can identify as one's home.


YYLVA, meaning 'she-wolf', is an Atmospheric Black Metal venture created by British artist and songwriter, Clare Webster.  In a world where traditional heathen and ancestral values are rapidly being lost to the aether, YYLVA's etheric, harp-laden lullabies serve to connect us with our fading heritage. 

A seasoned musician, Clare is best known for her gossamer-like lead vocal, lyrical and compositional contributions to the British Blackened Gothic Doom Metal act, Edenfall. Since acquiring her first Celtic Harp in 2013, a journey encompassing self-education, perseverance and dedication led her to the creation of YYLVA in mid-2016. Commencing with an acoustic cover of Bathory's breathtaking 'Ring of Gold' and a season in solitude,  YYLVA began working towards her first release, carefully interweaving her otherworldly harp melodies with powerful riffs, soaring leads and earth-shattering blasts and double-kicks similar to the likes of Borknagar, ColdWorld and Saor. 

"Crowned in earth, you will come forth. With a heathen's understanding, you will hear all; the whispering of the trees, the yearning of the moon and our crying Earth.
Just listen."